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Exporting Efficiency in LP Gas Hoses


A Thailand-based company sought a partner who could provide a custom LPG Hose solution while navigating a complex shipping and exporting process.



In April 2017, a Thailand-based conglomerate contacted Flex-Tech to initiate the qualification process for bulk LPG hoses. The company sought a partner who could provide propane hoses and connections for appliances along with legal, export and packaging support. With a limited number of hose extruders based in Thailand, the company turned to U.S.-based vendors who could meet their growing demand.


The company sought a partner who was adaptive to their shipping and exporting needs and would be willing to work through a fairly complicated exporting process. The company also placed an emphasis on quality and the traceability of U.S. based products.

Action Taken

Flex-Tech worked closely with the team in Thailand, providing samples to ensure all specifications and requirements would be met. Flex-Tech also worked through the multi-step process to ensure the exported goods would comply with all legal, exporting and packaging requirements. Working through this process took several months of coordinated effort between the two parties.

Results Generated

During the qualification process, the client approached Flex-Tech about an exclusive partnership to serve their expansive footprint. As a result, Flex-Tech has an exclusive distribution agreement for their LPG hose products in Southeast Asia. In November 2018, Flex-Tech began shipments, with re-occurring orders occurring on a bi-monthly basis. The customer now has an LPG product line that will allow them to expand their distribution footprint and better serve a growing market.

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